slow ride through Wildermore

Looking East from Wildermore
Looking East from Wildermore

LOTRO: I finally was able to take in the content released with Update 11: Wildermore (some spoilers from here on).

Mea Culpa: I made a rookie mistake when…about 3/4 of the way through the zone, I realized I hadn’t even started the epic story Doh!  Rather than stop the zone quests and catch up on the Epic quest lin, I went on and finished all the zone quests.  I don’t think it impacted my experience one bit.  The beginning and middle zone quests were depressing to say the least.  The story was quite dour and sad and I seemed to be tripping over a number of grave stones.  The scenery was great but sometimes got in the way of my warsteed.  The ending zone quest was probably the most epic of the update with a big Boss fight.  I wonder if Turbine shouldn’t have made this into some sort of instance, 3 or 6man.  Otherwise, between the start of the zone and that epic fight point, everything was a chore to finish.

Orc head on a pike
Orc head on a pike

I know Turbine worked hard on this content but it wasn’t very compelling for me…it took me a long time to plod through it and it wasn’t as enjoyable as i had hoped.

Now the Epic story line’s highlight, imo, was the story of how you find this lost “hero” at the end after everyone believed him dead….now that was some compelling story telling and I found it enjoyable.   On the other hand, the star crossed wanna be lovers..Nona and Horn just came off as whiny teenage angst, I forgot it as soon as I could.

So now that I’m done with the zone story and epic, whats next for a casual player? There is a rep grind for some pocket items and cloaks…oh and did I mention it’s a rather slow trod to get kindred, very slow.  I’m pretty sure Hytbold is faster.  I still have my Warden to level through 1/2 of Rohan and another warden on Brandywine server.  Anyway, this may signal less time I spend on LOTRO.  GW2 and Rift have some really good looking content patches coming up, my WoW sub runs out in July so I may spend some time there, and its a toss up between Neverwinter and Defiance when I just want a quick run. ahh, 1st world mmo problems, glad to have them.

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