Milestone in GW2: check

gw068Map completion is done with my Mesmer.  Just a few words on the road there.   This was more difficult than I thought.  First, the mesmer was my 2nd character at level cap so I wasn’t that motivated to explore every nook and cranny the 2nd time around.  I started out with about 50% at level cap without even trying, that was just your basic leveling process. Ithen took a break from the game and when I came back, I decided map completion was gonna be a goal.  I made it to 99% but hit a wall.  I was missing a few areas and just ran out of steam.  Searching for those areas I needed felt like trying to find a needle in a haystack…there might have been easier ways to do this but by that time I couldn’t be bothered.  So, after another break, I came back and gave it another go and viola.  Now, what’s the next GW2 goal?  hmmm, perhaps story mode of every dungeon?

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