Neverwinter is here!

I did pick this title up on preorder and started leveling a Great Sword Fighter.  I do wish they could have been a bit more creative with the name, Great Sword Fighter doesn’t do it.   Be that as it may, it’s an AOE melee machine and that’s what I want to play.  I made it to lvl 16 and it’s been great fun.  There’s a lot to the game and I don’t fully understand yet.  I’ve done 1 foundry mission and a handful of this orc wave skirmish.  Up on the plate is my first dungeon and finding a guild that is a good fit.  Crafting does seem a bit like SWTOR in that you assign minions to do the crafting and you are free to do whatever you want.  I hate being nailed in place to do crafting.  Anyway, I’ll be including more of this in my schedule, possibly at the expense of SWTOR and WOW.

One thought on “Neverwinter is here!

  1. I’ll be slow starting on this as I’m away for a few days from tomorrow and have busy weekends coming up too. I expect I’ll go devout cleric because I’ve always loved clerics and druids in the pen and paper game.

    I don’t understand why they didn’t just call the GWF a barbarian so it had a more exciting name? Maybe that would have complicated the gear setup or skew their concept for power selection but the archetype has existed a long, long while (and has a big lore connection to the FRealms in general and ‘the North’ in particular).

    The launch of Neverwinter coincides with my partner really getting into SWTOR in a big way. So it’s potentially going to be competing with ‘duo gaming time’ against SWTOR and to a lesser extent GW2. I can see the later simply falling of our gaming list for now. Whether Neverwinter is more compelling to duo in than SWTOR remains to be seen…

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