Does changing game servers give your game a rebirth?

I started out in LOTRO on Brandywine server a couple of months after the Mines of Moria (MoM) release.  Why Brandy?…simply because it was the first name on the list of servers to choose and it was a name I recognized from the lore.  I knew no one there and was a complete noob.  I enjoyed my time on Brandy and leveled 3 toons to the endgame cap during Seige of Mirkwood (SoM).  I joined a kinship because I really liked their name and then I discovered they were so full of themselves and quite racist.  I found another group and fit like a glove and enjoyed those guys.  However, when free2play launched I decided to roll on Riddermark, mostly because it was the unofficial PvP server and hey, it was a chance to start fresh with everyone else…I missed out on the Shadows of Angmar (SoA) start.

So that brings me to this week.  I logged on Brandywine instead of Riddermark and started leveling my Warden thru Dunland, a place I’ve leveled thru on 4 other characters!  Surprisingly, it kinda felt like a different game.  Granted I was very rusty on my warden and leveling him is really just an excuse to relearn 2+yrs of lost skills and new keybinds.  I quickly discovered my Brandywine kinship was dead.  Maybe 1-2 people had leveled past 65 so Rise of Isengard (ROI) seemed to be the death of it.  Only 2 people on my friends list had also leveled past 65 and only 1 of those had played since January.  A depressing sight and one that almost got me to log off.  Then I saw a familiar name and got invited to his kinship.  Suddenly I’m with a good group of adults and looking forward to what comes next.

Is Riddermark dead to me.  No, in fact, I had 2 really good PVP sessions on my Reaver last week.  I just have more options now: log on Brandy to work on my warden, log on Ridder for fun with Reaver or level Warden.



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