I really want to love you Turbine!

I’m probably one of the easiest customers to please.  I play casually, have plenty of disposable income to spend and I admit I spend too much on TP cosmetics/frivolous stuff that my wife doesn’t know about .  I’m not motivated by endgame raiding, no need to design raids to keep me occupied because I make it a point NOT to repeat content…ok, I will repeat dailies as long as you continue to give me a choice of what daily to do.

LOTRO PVMP’s players taking it below the chin

What’s driving me away from your game and closing my pocket book is the complete mess that is PVMP right now.  Issue #1 is the stupid skill balance that exist right now between Freep and Creep classes.  You don’t need to get it perfect but bring them closer together. Issue #2 as a returning casual player (or new player) I’m pigeon holed into playing one way….and that is roll with the biggest zerg I can find and screw the other side.  This is shortsighted and escalates until one side logs off and pvp ends.  It might fit a player that is online >1 hr day but my play sessions rarely last longer than that so I feel a bit disenfranchised. Fix it. Issue #3 Build a grindy game and players will find shortcuts around it, be it legal or exploits.  Sapience, LOTRO Community Manager, announced that pvmp leaderboards are being discontinued.  This is welcome news for rank farmers exploiting the system and a slap in the face to legit players.  Fix it!

2 thoughts on “I really want to love you Turbine!

  1. I have a lifetime sub for LOTRO. I do love the world and storytelling but somehow I fell out of love with the game. I think it’s that I prefer EQ2’s take on crafting and SWTOR’s storytelling. The massive climb to level cap isn’t helping matters either, my highest is only just out of Moria…

  2. Thanks for the comments Telwyn! I don’t have a lifetime sub but I’ve been very active since Moria release. It’s getting less and less easy to “casually” play this game but on a positive note, it is an theme-park so there are lots of things to do…. unfortunately for me, what I like to do is not in a good place right now.

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