How to juggle multiple MMO’s?

Everyone has a method that works for them.  In the past I’ve just played what interest me most at the moment, often playing multiple titles in one night.  Sometimes this was an enjoyable experience, other times I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished anything.

So, this week I’m gonna try something different.  I’m picking one title and playing it as much as I can that night then switching to a different title the next day.   Last night, I returned to SWTOR and got my Jedi Knight to Makeb.  It’s been months since I touched SWTOR so this was slow going.  I scratched my old quickslot set up and come up with something completely new.  I also scratched my Focus traitline and went back to Watchman.  Lucky for me the landscape mobs are very weak on Makeb and so my weak rotation wasn’t a hindrance for me.  I even advanced up a level.  So, tomorrow I think it will be a WOW night.

So what’s your method of juggling multiple games/mmo’s?


4 thoughts on “How to juggle multiple MMO’s?

  1. I’ve tried a few approaches. I used to mix and match games as I wished, sometimes a whole evening on just one, sometimes a couple. Then more recently I’ve tried to stick to one game per evening/weekend session and vary less in general to make more progress in a few. Although that worked for a while I’m finding myself drawn back into games again that I’d put “on the shelf” just because I follow a lot of MMO news for my blog, which means I’m hearing about new content and naturally want to see it for myself!

    Good luck with the experiment anyway. I’ve just come back to SWTOR myself, seems quite a few bloggers have for the expansion…

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think the lesson is it’s rather impossible to stick to one method for an extended period of time…game updates always spoil the best of plans.

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