Thane of Hytbold!

I hit a milestone this week in LOTRO.  I earned the title Thane of Hytbold when I finally finished rebuilding the town.





That was quite a Herculaneum effort in mmo terms…in time for one and it marked a highpoint in my LOTRO endgame.   First, I must direct you to a great guide to Hytbold at LOTRO Strategy.  It’s a great place to start and I would have had a much harder time had I not leveraged this guide to help me stay on the path I had set forth for my character.

Ok, to rebuild the town, one had to complete 5 random daily quests for a total of 44 days.  On a lot of days, that’s all I did…5 quests and I logged out or did some alt leveling.  This was also the period when I spent some time leveling my alt Ministrel with the XP disabler. Now, one did have the choice of turning in those daily quests to rebuild the town OR bartering for one of three endgame armour sets (sets correspond to the three trait lines).  Even non-raiders would find it hard to deny themselves such awesome digs, after all story is good but hey, it’s not loot.  Long story short, it took me a lot longer than 44 days to finish and that was ok by me.  

Anyway, you could speed things up a bit courtesy of some Turbine currency called mithril coins.  Mithril coins are only available in the Turbine store and are purchased with Turbine points.  Using five (5) mitril coins you can “reset” the daily quest however it will not reset the actual rebuilding quests you have to complete.  Turbine has no shortage of grinds and no shortage of ways to shorten them via the turbine point system. 

The “Hytbold” concept was rolled out for Riders of Rohan expansion.  Basically you are slowly rebuilding the town and you see the changes over time as you complete the rebuilding quests.  I got a sense of the passage of time and a return to normalcy with this phasing reconstruction.  In contrast, typically in mmo’s, you save the city from bandits and it’s all good immediately after.  That’s the neat story part.  Now, the other side of the coin is I felt like my character had been outfitted with some hydraulic brakes all of a sudden.  I’m not sure about the game deciding my progression, I’d rather by the judge of that…I felt it was somewhat out of my hands.

Anyway, I have taken part in some of the T1 Raids and found them somewhat underwhelming.  The T2 Raids are much more challenging.  However, doing raids over and over to get better gear to do the same raids over and over, grasp, I don’t see a future in this for me and my champion. I’m left thinking about my next goals in LOTRO.   Perhaps it’s time to check out my Reaver for some monster play, only time will tell.

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