Deeping my feet in Azeroth

Taking a break from LOTRO and GW2, I decided to revisit my WOW account.  I still had some time left on my sub and I figured why not.  To recap, I’m a newcomer to WOW and only recently started playing this January.  I remember when it came out I wasn’t interested because it seemed like in my mind, a generic fantasy setting that I’ve never heard of and wasn’t willing to invest time into discovering.  I was always more interested in known fantasy worlds like LOTR and D&D.  But even with LOTRO, one of the reasons I didn’t pick up LOTRO in 2007 was b/c I couldn’t play any of the iconic characters from the story.  I know, I had no clue.  I was used to playing those bad hack’n’slash console LOTR games when the movies came out.

Moving on….At the log in screen, I looked at my lvl 26 Night Elf Druid and said no.  I needed something different than the typical “sickness in the forest” story line that I would be sent out to investigate.  So, I rolled a Human Warrior and had some fun leveling him up through the zones.  There were some interesting story lines that kept me coming back for more.  All these mysterious strangers clad in darkness and working up some intrigue.  It worked for me.  I enjoyed the leveling process and it was fast.  I’m about lvl 35 now and I’ve been playing less than a week.  Gameplay of the Warrior reminded me of my SWTOR Knight or LOTRO Champion which is a good thing.  I found it very satisfying combat system.  A few attacks build up “rage” and a few Big attacks spend that rage…this is a cycle I  understand.  I have gotten over the cartoon graphics as I find myself paying more attention to the the sounds and story rather than the graphics, which I still find quite dated in todays market.  I doubt I’ll take this guy all the way to level cap so I’ll just enjoying the ride for now.

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