When RL interrupts…

this happens.  Say hello to Mignon, our 4 month old cairn terrier.  She’s everything you want in a puppy and the wife and I are really happy we got her.  mignon  And this means my gaming time has taken a well deserved hit.  In GW2, I ran with the Guardian and hit lvl 41 last night.  I’m not doing much beyond getting my daily done and I’m starting to feel the need to diversify.  In LOTRO, I’ve been concentrating on my SoA Ministrel.  I’m lvl 45 and I’m slowly working my way around Angmar.  This is my Shadows of Angmar experiment.  I’m keeping this guy at lvl 50 and playing vanilla, SoA content.  I also have my Skyrim standby that I jump into.  My paladin archetype character is about lvl 21 and just kicked some Thalmor butt.  Not a whole lot else is going on, Mignon is a handfull and we are enjoying every moment with her.

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