GW: feast and flameout

gw037And in this week in gaming, I saw a lot of action in GW2 and Skyrim.  In GW2, I play on a tier 1 server and it looks near impossible for me to get the map points and vistas I need for  the effort I’m willing to expend.  So I took a break from my map completion craze and started on a Thief.  They seem like a lotta fun in WvW, being all sneaky and stabby, but leveling one for me has been a chore.  I’m just not feeling it very well, I’m squishy and my resource bar disappears on me in no time.  Maybe I just don’t understand the resource bar mechanics but I only seem to spend points and never use any skills that replenish my bar.   So, for my mental health, I set aside that Thief after reaching lvl 20 and I rolled a Guardian and boy, was that a breath of fresh air.  Funny thing is I had lvl’d a Guardian during the Beta weekends to about lvl 25…. but decided to start off with a Warrior when the game launched.  Shame on me! Well, I’ve had tons of fun with the Guardian so far and I’m all the way up to lvl 17 and wondering if I’ll ever pick up the Thief again!.  Otherwise, I hopped on my Mesmer or Warrior to complete parts of the daily.  I’ve also been somewhat obsessed with Group meta events and I’m not alone in that regard.  There’s websites that track the spawn timers of course and it helps to keep an eye on these.  These group meta events drop good loot and may be part of the daily/monthly achievements and thus very popular to camp.  People even seem to be “guesting” on servers simply for a quicker meta event than on their home server.  The Maw group event (Wayfarer hills) goes down in <10 seconds on the weekend or primetime block…if you dodge the wrong way, you may miss out on getting a hit on the boss.   I saw the same thing in Rift with the SL world bosses.  More and more people port in as the event starts or very soon after and it doesn’t scale up (feels like it) and so Boss goes down super fast.

In Skyrim, I decided to start my female Empire Paladin character.  I was not disappointed!  She joined the Companions and cured her “disease”.  I did try a few encounters on Master difficulty and quickly moved that down after half a dozen quick deaths in a row.  I’ve found a happy medium between Skyrim and GW2, both are excellent at what they do and best of all I’m having a blast with them.

2 thoughts on “GW: feast and flameout

  1. Thievies do feel like a chore at early levels but once you find a nice build it really picks up. I recommend picking up some vitality gear whilst levelling and try out dagger and pistol with shortbow off hand. It’s my favourite play style atm. Started both warriors and guardians but they just feel too slow and cumbersome to stick 😦

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