Mistake not…my obsession with map completion

HSI’ve been immersed in the “Hydrogen Sonata” by Iain M. Banks if you couldn’t tell from the first 2 words in my blog post title.  Anyway, this is my first “culture” book and it’s been a delightful detour after a little bumpy start.  I’m putting off listening (audio book)  to anything else until I finish this up, my podcast que will be rather large.

In GW2, my mesmer “chere mignonne” is sitting at 98% map completion. I think all that’s left is some WvW areas.  At the moment, Jade Quarry is the unstoppable train in my path.  It doesn’t look like I’ll get 100% until: we move down in rankings and dominate a match OR I transfer to JQ for the week.  I don’t know if I’m that motivated to do the latter and waiting it out might be my strategy.  imagesIn the mean time, I rolled a human Thief to lvl 15.  Not really getting the Thief so far but not willing to give up on him yet.  I may level a Guardian to 15 too….may be my next project, get all classes to at least lvl 15.

I survived the great LOTRO maintenance downtime of 2013 and found I wasn’t missingimages (1) LOTRO much.  So it goes, suddenly you find yourself with no access to something for a few days and all of a sudden, you stop missing that “material” thing.  Turbine, just ride the wave, i’ll come back to ya soon.

I let my SWTOR sub expire, as I had before.  There’s a lot of changes coming down with the new expansion that add skills and change the way classes are played.  I’m not disputing this may be good or bad, just that I can’t be bothered with it at the moment.  It’s like my inner self just lit up the Bat Signal to say “stop playing this game!”

So that leaves me with Skyrim.  I’ve been itching to build a classic Paladin and/or Druid.  I need to do some research on builds and stop procrastinating.  Perhaps this plan would work if GW2 didn’t exist;(

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