One map at a time…

gw030Last week, I managed to log in GW2 4x more than any other title I have! lol, what the hell was I doing so dang much?  Playing with guildies is always fun and we had some good times in WvW, especially for a small 5 man group. Be that as it may, I need more than playing with Guildies to get me logged on and Arenanet knows that.

GW2 dangles a piece of thread in front of me called map completion.  I don’t know exactly why but it’s a goal I have for my Mesmer but its working to keep me connected to the game.  When I started at launch, I laughed at map completion, thinking it could never seduce me, but I was so wrong.  So, my progress to date stands at 90%.  A close second thread dangling in front of me has been the daily achievements and laurels.  I’m sitting on 30 Laurels at the moment having just finished my monthly.  Now the question is what to spend those hard won laurels on for my Mesmer.  Those Laurels don’t come very fast so I’ll take some time making a decision.   I messed around a bit on my warrior but just enough to realize I need a completely new gear set if I want to do any damage in pve land.  He’s decked out in support/healing build and his damage is pathetic.  I also took some time to roll a human Thief and managed to bring him up to lvl 11.  I probably won’t get him much higher as it will take too much focus off my Mesmer.

I only got a few hours in LOTRO.  Turbine had one helluva week with some unexpected downtime over Valentines Day.  At least they are rewarding subscribers with some TPs for the inconvenience.

I did get a few hours in Skyrim and jumped into the new DLC Dragonborn.   The game continues to amaze me, the only thing keeping me from playing more is the fun I’m having in GW2.

One thought on “One map at a time…

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