SWTOR 1.7 Rant: Pylon Mission


These players you see in this screenshot made the choice to enter a PVP zone and with the goal of cooperating to finish the quest as quickly as possible by queuing up and forming a line.  Initiating any form of PVP would distract from quest completion.  Nice and orderly = fast Gree Rep.  I might add that the reason for this quest in the first place was to bring players to an area for open world PVP.

On the other hand, players that consider themselves PVP’ers, enter into this area with fighting it out as the main goal and quest completion as a mere side consequence.  So, this type of player would engage in PVP and lots of forum venting occurred soon after.  People were upset they were not able to complete this quest because too many people were actually fighting in a PVP zone.  Now, I would call this PVP yes but, initiating PVP against a player that doesn’t want to PVP is not sustainable. The non-pvp player will simply leave the zone and do something else and the PVP’er is left with nothing to do.

So who failed here? OK, It might be too early to call this a fail but I’d agree that the design could have been a lot better on the PVP end.  Frankly, this design drew PVE oriented players into an open world PVP area to gain PVE reputation in a PVP zone.  It’s the equivalent of rewarding pve quests with valor (PVP Rep).

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