I yelled at someone in a video game!

358qq5Ok, I didn’t really yell but in GW2 yesterday, I whispered someone saying basically, “thanks but no thanks” for ‘helping” me kill my dodge mob.   I was trying to get my daily dodger by kiting this mob around when a stranger came around and killed it.  Then it struck me…wtf am I doing?  This guy is just playing the game, saw someone fighting and helped…and that upset me. The stranger did reply to my whisper and apologized, saying he was trying to get his variety kill daily done.  Ha Ha foiled by the daily!

So it brings me into how the GW2 community is kinda splitting into distinct populations.  Ones that play for the numbers first..ie get daily done, do this dungeon path on a speed run, etc, etc…and others that just play the game.  This is more prevalent in other MMO’s such as WOW, LOTRO, RIFT…fighting over crafting nodes, tagging mobs.  In the latest SWTOR patch and as seen in previous events, you find yourself competing with everyone else for mobs…it ceases to be a game and more about how to beat the next guy.  So far, GW2 has moved away from that style of play but with this new daily mechanic, its creeping back in.  ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) got it right when they announced that they would place like minded players together on their mega server.  So people that like to fret about numbers will play with people that do the same and they can enjoy that competition/comadre.  RP’ers can RP their hearts out and not have to tolerate trolls crashing their RP events.  In theory, I love this and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Personally, I find myself with toes in both camps.  When it’s time to get my daily done, I’m a numbers person.  When I wanna run a dungeon or go WvW, I don’t always retrait, I’ll watch the cut scenes, kill all the mobs, etc.  I min/max maybe 10% of the time.

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