I can’t believe I did that in GW2

It’s been a GW2 week and I’ve been winning!  A couple of things have been staring me Guild_Wars_Checklist_by_SHopkinsdown in the game and was eating my lunch.  Fractals, daily/monthly achievements, dungeons and map completion.

I finally completed my first Fractals run which consisted of 3 successive “instances”.  This had been stomping me pretty hard and I had failed at least 6x before either due to my ineptness, poor fractal know how, or just plain pug fail.  Conquered!

I’ve been whipping my daily achievements lately without mercy.  This wasn’t always the case.  Initially, I was stressed about these achievements as it seemed the clock was ticking and I only have so much time to do them in and Oh my, why can’t I find an Event!  I need 4 more!!.  So all that misère over a really some simple tasks. I eventually found a starting spot and route that pretty much  guaranteed finding most, if not all, of daily achievements. I’m 90% done with my Monthly….just need some dungeons runs and I’m done.  Speaking of dungeons, it seems the weekend has fruitful blocks of time so I ran a couple of dungeons, AC and COF.  I know the AC fight pretty well but I was lost in the COF fight even though COF was a much quicker fight and easier.

For the longest time Map Completion was the farthest thing from my mind.  But an interesting thing happened when I came back to GW2, I found that inching towards that 100% goal was the motivation I need to keep playing after my daily was done.  On my return, I was about at 60% and today I’m at 81%.  My secret is to stay focused on my current zone…if I look at the bigger picture, I might realize how much more I have to do, lol.

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