Weekend update


Another week and a different gaming experience.  With the announcement of the ESO beta signups, I’ve heard the call of Skyrim.  I logged quite a few hours over the week and I’ve been quite happy just wandering the landscape.  I’ve had some real ass pucker moments in some dungeons that I can laugh about now.  The audio/video is great and you are definitely immersed in that world.  I have a lvl 20 Norn warrior that I’ve played with on/off since Skyrim launched but I wanted a new experience, so I rolled a Woodland Elf thief.  He’s sneaky and is great with a bow.  I’ve been running him around Whiterun with Lydia and we are working our way to the greybeards.  I keep saying that I’ll just log into my Norn and start reading all those books in my house but the world is too dang pretty to sit in a house reading.

lotro miniIn LOTRO, my Shadows of Angmar kinship is currently capped at lvl 32 and we completed a Garth Agarwen: Fortress (6 man run) run in challenge mode.  It was a fun run and I was healing on my dwarf Minstrel.  I was also part of a Garth Agarwen: Arboretum (3man) run that was quite easy and fun.  That same group 3 man group attempted a Garth Agarwen: Barrows run but we gave up after half-dozen fails at boss.  He puts a massive in combat power/vitality debuff on everyone and we all ran out of power time and time again and we simply couldn’t make up for that.   Other than that, my LOTRO is in cruise control at the moment.  I log in mainly to check who’s on from my kinship and run any low stuff on that Minstrel.  I’m in no hurry to do stuff at endgame but it’s there if I wanna be on my Champion and Hytbold still needs some rebuilding.

gw016In Guild Wars 2, the Flame and Frost update brought me back but I failed at Fractals again. Totally my fault but I was on a run and we finished 1 fractal so I logged off…well, you must finished 3 fractals for your character’s progress to be updated so all that was for naught.  I think I’ll just declare victory for now and beg my guild to run me thru at least once.  Anyway, I discovered the new daily achievement laurel system and that it’s possible to receive some ascended gear via daily achievements and bartering laurels.  Well, that made my day even if it’s an uphill climb to get all the laurels I need.  Be that as it may, I’ve been doing my daily achievements everyday and it’s getting me to log in, yeah!   And I’m having fun in the game, I think my original burnout factor is gone.  Last night, I joined my guild in WvW and that was lots of fun too. My mesmer reflexes are pretty bad right now for pvp but I’m getting better with every hour I’m in the game.

Screenshot_2013-01-19_17_08_58_085647In SWTOR, I’m still logging in for my pvp daily about 3-4x week.  I may retrait my smuggler scoundrel from stealth dps to the DOT  line to change things up.  My jedi knight is a pulls no punches FOTM AOE sweeper.  My feeling is thinking about these characters I have is fun but once I get into a few back to back warzones and see the over the top CC and Time to Kill (TTK), well, it loses it’s staying power. This game is holding out a thin piece of thread to me but I don’t know how long I can hold on.

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