shing shing thru Rohan

I dinged lvl 84 on my Champion a few days ago helping the citizens of Rohan by mowing down hordes of orcs. I’m enjoying my journey through Rohan. The season premiere of Downton Abbey provided a minor speedbump. It’s been about 2 weeks since I restarted my LOTRO and I have to admit, the game has kept me logging in pretty much every day.

Something that has made the transition easier is how Turbine modernized their game with Rohan expansion. What I mean by modernizing is that Turbine has changed some game mechanics that make it easier to play the game and get necessary, yet mundane, things done in the world…ie, talking to npc, picking up quest, completing quest, and returning to npc for turn in. I’m speculating but I see these ‘quality of life’ issues have been spurned on by the success of GW2 and I hope this is the new standard.

Two changes that were noticeable by me were the automatic quest bestowal and the travel to quest NPC.

The automatic quest bestowal was triggered when I was in the vicinity of the target mob. I didn’t have to do anything, it just pops up on my UI.

The travel to quest NPC on the other hand, requires a cash shop item, travellers writ. I’m sure some people have a beef with that, it’s a cash shop impulse buy item for sure, but it’s not any type of pay to win item and LOTRO has several other fast travel options already in the the game. I tried it out more than once, Rohan is a big zone, and it was incredibly convenient. No, my immersion didn’t take a beating.

My 2 beefs is that GW2 does this for free and in LOTRO I have to pay (or be patient and use another swift travel option) and it’s another nickel and dime approach that Turbine is taking with it’s customers. I have a feeling that they are squeezing every nickel out of us because: their profit margin is hurting now and/or have forecast a less than profitable earnings potential. Either way, I’m loosing confidence that Turbine is standing on solid ground and it makes me question if they can last till Mount Doom or even Gondor.

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