revisting old classics

On a whim I decided to download Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC). I had always heard of this game discussed as the golden age of open world PVP. Indeed, it is well known for how successful its realm vs realm. When it launched back in 2001, it never made it on my radar, but to be fair it was a tough year for me personally and games were farthest from my mind. Fast forward to this past weekend and I started a free account and created a friar and launched into the world. That was probably the best it ever got. I found the interface just too clunky and foreign to enjoy and I’m not patient enough to work on learning how to wield it. I guess that’s the cautionary tale of revisiting old classics, they always seem better when you think about them but once you get down in the weeds, you discover how going back in time 10+yrs isn’t quite enjoyable. One thing to note about DAoC was the number of classes that was available to roll. I counted 16 classes! Poo Yaille! I could spend a lot of time just in character creating with those decisions! However, after a few hours in the DAoC world, I called it quits but with no hard feelings. Maybe my next gaming journey back in time will turn out better.

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