The Return of LOTRO


I’m returning to an ole familiar gaming title, well at least till I hit 85…no promises after that. I’ve been away from the game since GW2 launched and frankly I needed the break. I mostly play on the Riddermark server where I have a Lore Master, Warden, Champion, and Rune Keeper between levels 70 and 75 (Rohan moved the cap to 85).

Over the summer I was pretty down on the state of LOTRO. I was disappointed with the Isenguard expansion, PVP had gotten worse which was hard to believe given the state of it already, and I was logging in less and less. I wasn’t convinced Rohan was worth what Turbine was asking for, compared to other titles, but in the end I caved and bought Rohan. Then I let it sit there and barely registered the umph to update my client.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I learned some LOTRO friends were still playing, love those diehards, and some others that had left, were returning so I thought it would be good timing to come back.

My first exposure to Rohan was the soundtrack and its quite good. Really, sometimes I can be happy just listening to the different tracks as I prance around slaying orcs. Be that it may, I did get 2 levels in a handful of play sessions. I also have to say that I was welcomed back with open arms. I said hello to an old buddy I met back in 2011 and I was immediately invited to join the his kin. There I met more friends that I had known and played with the past 2 yrs. This is one of the things I love about MMO’s, the shared experiences in the game are just an altogether different rawness that no other type of games does for me.

For the time being, I’m more story focused, I’m putting off any pvmp, and I’m reading quest text. After hearing every NPC say “our need is dire”, I looked at my quest log to follow up on the epic story line. Guess what…it was missing. Turns out I needed to visit Caras Galadhon and speak with Galadriel. Ok, so I’m off to Lorien but I barely ventured into Lorien on Beausoleil, my human Champion. I quickly learned that I need to farm about 50k in rep so that these xenophobic elves allow me into their city and talk to The Lord and Lady. Waaaagh for crying out load! Farming Lorien rep is not what I wanted to do with my gaming time but I plowed through it and entertained myself reading the general chat channel and chatting up with in game friends. A couple days later I’m all done and back in Rohan. There I focused on the epic story line about the breaking up of the fellowship as seen through whats called session play.

My initial thoughts so far: I like it! The scenery and soundtrack immerses you and the session play throughs were just right.
What I’m not so liking on: mounted combat. Maybe I haven’t given it enough time but so far it’s too clunky and the skills are slow to respond.

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