looking back at SWTOR with a chuckle

SWTORRESIZED_zpseb7e5d1bFirst post! I took a few moments and put down on paper a comic that summed up some thoughts I had on the past year in SWTOR. I know it’s easy to pick on SWTOR these days and my intent was to come up with some sort of satire without coming off like a bully.

SWTOR started off with mile high expectations and 1.7M purchases, iirc. Once people hit endgame, the flaws in the game floated up to the surface and there was a mass exodus. Bioware stated that the reason people were leaving was because of a subscription fee. They couldn’t really say it was because the product was not worth that subscription. Bioware then announces that they are going f2p. I was expecting a LOTRO style model but what they rolled out was basically a rapidly scaling incentive plan to force people to sub rather than remain f2p. So this model effectively forces people towards that subscription fee that Bioware said was the reason everyone was leaving the game in the first place. It’s almost as if they went out of their way to not research current f2p trends in the marketplace.

Be that as it may, I’m still a Star Wars fan and I’m still enjoy the story, just not as fanboish as I was at launch.

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